Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Books!

I have been working on these
for the last few months 
and they are finally here!
New Books!
I have boxes of them stashed 
under my bed.
Anyway..... here they are:
To get an idea of what each of the
books are about, just download the
Aurasma app onto your smart phone.
Open it and follow TatePublishing
TatePublishing is all one word.
Then aim the ap at one of the
pictures above.
If you have kids or grandkids around
open the ap and let them aim
the phone at one of the
pictures above. 
A short video clip will play. 
It's pretty cool technology.
And - the books won't release until 
November 7th and November 24th,
but I do have several copies so if you want one
you can purchase one from me,
or from my Etsy store HERE.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy.....

We have been Busy, Busy, Busy....
and it looks like we will
even be busier in the summer months.
My husband went to Utah last week
and came home with this.
 We did our first event Saturday, in the
small town of Snyder, Ok.
It was a great first event - because it
wasn't too busy, so it gave us
a chance to start slow and learn
as we go. And look..... there is an 
outdoor flavor station - so the kids
can add their own flavors to
their snow cones!
The grandkids love it!
And Grandpa is getting pretty popular.
When he's home - he now gets to answer
the front door, because it's normally
for HIM. Someone wants
a snow cone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Chuck E Cheese

 Asher is now big enough
to enjoy Chuck E Cheese.
 He can play the games
and dance with Chuckie, so the only
challenge now is keeping up with him.
 I love it when the kids get to 
get together. Brilyn LOVES Olivia!
 And Asher LOVES Gracie!
They all get along so well,
most of the time!
 And one thing they all agree on
isgoing to Chuck E Cheeses!
There - everyone can
have fun!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gracie's Dance Recital

 Grace started dance this summer!
 She's decided she would rather
be a dancer than a gymnast.
 And she appears to be a natural!
She's really enjoying it!
And she looks adorable in her
little ballerina bun and tutu!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Six Flags Over Texas

 I was invited to go to
Six Flags with Heather and the girls
and a really nice neighbor! 
 The kids all loved this game.
It's how Grace won the prize above.
Olivia won a stuffed toy, too.... 
but she wanted a cape, so she traded
with her friend, Isaac!
(first place gets a stuffed toy, and all others get a cape)
 Grace and Olivia with Isaac and Ian
They are super sweet boys!
 Grace and Isaac in a boat!
Isaac is close to Olivia's age....
and Grace's size!
 Isaac being a big boy and riding 
on the roaring rapids!
He got the only dry seat!
And Grand and Olivia with a
stuffed unicorn that they won.
Six Flags had made winning prizes
a real possibility! 
The girls loved it!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Underwater Adventures

 The kids love spending time in the pool!
 Olivia can now swim underwater!
 Grace can swim on top of the water.
And under water!

And Asher can swim under water,
but still prefers a floatie because
he cannot come up for air!
Brilyn doesn't like going under
at all - but she's learning!