Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Trick or Treaters!

I have been swamped
with work and am trying
to keep my new
blog up and running, so I
haven't been around much.
 But I did want to stop in
and share our little 
Trick or Treaters.
 Brilyn was Anna and Asher was Olaf.
I was the Fall Fest Photographer
for the local Farmer's Market
Fall Fest, and Brilyn and
Asher modeled for me.
These pictures were the 
Sample Images and they went
on the Fall Fest Flyers.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Three Kids At The Park!

One Friday when I was watching 
Weston, we invited 
Brilyn and Asher to join us
at the park!
 And guess what EVERYONE'S
favorite piece of playground equipment was?
 Yep... it was the swing!
The BABY swing!
Brilyn sometimes, enjoys being
babied a bit, too!
After all, the boys can't get
ALL the attention!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

An Amish Store and Restaurant

While my husband and I
were traveling to Hilldale, Ok
to take pictures of a high school football
game for CBS's Max Preps
I saw this sign.
We had left early and had time to
spare, so we stopped!
It was such a neat place!
 We didn't eat at the restaurant,
but we did take a look around and
we got a couple of things from the shop.
There were all kinds of jams and jellies.
 Honey and Bee Pollen
 Amish made tea towels and things.
 And a pie case full of delicious
looking pies!
I bought some fudge and it was delicious!
I also got a little book of 
Amish Home Remedies.
And while a lot of stuff was Amish made,
the store was probably more
Amish Inspired - than truly Amish.
The servers in the restaurant
wore English clothes
and there was no shortage of

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Look Who Is Turning Into a Fish!

Look at this girl go!
 She can put her face in the water
and go under!
 And pop up!
 With a smile! She's not swimming
underwater.... ALL OVER THE POOL!
She has done so well this summer!
Go, Gracie!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Dallas Arboretum

Another field trip we
went on was a visit to the 
It had a really cool Pumpkin Patch!
 But - it was filled with people, so it
was not the best place to get
good pictures!
 And while all of those pumpkins
were beautiful, I think there were
enough pumpkins there to feed an entire
village for week. All just sitting out in the
sun and wasting away!
 Of course - it would be expensive
to ship them to a village of
starving people.
But - it really makes you stop
and think. How blessed we are to live
in a country that has plenty!
And we are even more blessed it we
live in a household that has plenty!
If you have dinner on the table
tonight, remember that!
Take the time to be grateful, and 
Thank God for His provision!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dallas Children's Garden

The Dallas Children's Garden
is a pretty fun place!
There is a fun play area, where
Olivia rode a Giant Ant!
 And Grace got to pretend she was
a baby bird!
 Here, I think she is a 
HUNGRY Baby Bird!
 The girls got to discover little critters
that were pulled from the pond.
(this was pretty fascinating - we saw tadpoles and dragon fly larva)
 They got to climb on things!
And they got to cool off in the
water at the splash pad.
If you go - you might want to remember
that there is a splash pad and
bring a change of clothes.
Most kids are going to want to get wet!